Our Mission

Hope Christian School exists for the purpose of helping Christian parents fulfill their God-given responsibility to educate their students by providing excellent academic instruction (Phil 1:10) with a distinctively Christian world view emphasizing spiritual growth and moral development in an atmosphere of Christian love (Phil 4:8). (Read More)

From Our Parents

Gleim Family

In August 2006 we enrolled our three children at Hope Christian School.  We did so initially with some trepidation and vowed to remain active in our children’s education, but God has blessed our decision.  God has worked powerfully through Hope Christian School to minister not only to our three children, but also to more than 50 other children.   <Read More>

Kenneth and Christine Gleim

From Our Teachers

Describe the photo or the page it links toI teach at Hope Christian School because of my own years as a student in a small Christian school where I made good friends who loved the Lord and encouraged me in my spiritual walk, learned from teachers who cared for me and taught me to view every subject  through the lens of Scripture, and obtained a solid academic foundation which served me well in college and beyond. <Read More>

Miss Joanna Davis

From Our Students

To me, Hope Christian School is more than just a place for academics.  It's a place to be challenged, a place to be stretched, and place to grow--not only academically, but also socially and most importantly, spiritually.  I've been attending HCS since fifth grade, and I can honestly say that I would not be where I am spiritually if not for this school.   <Read More>.

Jennifer Gleim, Class of 2014

 KCEA JH Fine Arts Festival


Congratulations to the following students for their achievement at the J. H. KCEA Fine Arts Festival:  Excellent:  Hannah Risser (Art, Violin Solo), Zakry Minor (Art), Brandon Craigle (Preaching) Meritorious:  Ana Davis (Bible Teaching), Karissa Hershey (Classical Piano)

 KCEA HS Fine Arts


Congratulations to the senior high students who competed in the 2014 KCEA Fine Arts Competition. Indiviual results can be found on the Fine Arts Webpage.

 Music Recital


On April 12, 2014, the Bible Quiz Team of HCS competed in the KCEA Bible Quiz Tournament. The HS students took home 2nd Place and the JH students took home 2nd Place. Abigail Risser, Ben Richey, and Hannah Risser were awards the All-Tourney Team Awards.


Dear Friends, 

I want to welcome you to view the information concerning Hope Christian School.  Hope Christian School was started in 2004 by the congregation of Hope Baptist Church.  As the church family grew, and young couples struggled with the education of their children, it became clear that we needed to help meet this need.   

Hope Christian School was founded to be distinctly Christian in its teaching and in it’s world view.  It is not that a Bible class and chapel are part of the week that make the school “Christian,” but the fact that Bible truth, principles, attitudes, and morals permeate the curriculum, choice of teachers, philosophy of discipline, goal of excellence in academics, and the desire to be pleasing to the Lord.  Every subject is taught from the perspective of God’s creative act and truth. 

At Hope Christian School we are “striving for excellence” (Phil. 1:10).  We are part of Keystone Christian Education Association here in Pennsylvania which challenges and helps us have the spiritual and academic standards of excellence.

Christian education is not a luxury today. Christian Education is the investment in the lives of our children.  Our responsibility before God to rear them in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4), compels us to put the Lord first in the education of our children.  

We welcome you to come and see if Hope Christian School may be a help in ministering to your family.  We encourage you to call us at 717-633-1479 to get more information or to set a time to meet with our principal and see what God is doing here at Hope. 

Pastor Allen Harris

Principal’s Message

     Solid, above average academic and spiritual training begins with kindergarten and continues through to the twelfth grade. The Biblical based high standard educational program of Hope Christian School emphasizes not only the academic but also the spiritual wellbeing of our students (II Corinthians 10:5). The philosophy of the school is that the home, the church and the parents must work cooperatively to guide their students in the direction of God’s choosing. The instructional program of Hope Christian School prepares the college-bound student, the vocational student or the general high school student. Annually each student is tested using a nationally recognized norm-referenced comprehensive achievement test designed to measure student performance in the basic academic areas, and the results of this test is given to the parents so they may keep abreast of the on-going progress of their child.

Walter Fordyce, Principal

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2014 Spring Program "The Battle For Truth"

The students of HCS performed "The Sharpest Blade", "Give of Your Best to the Master", "Fraction-Decimal Equivalents", "Readers Are Leaders", "We Are More Than Conquerors", "Singing My Best", "We Are Fine Musicians" and "The Armor of God". The Speech students presented "Why a Christian School?" and "Personal Discipline". (Click here for photos)

2013/14 Booster Club surpasses its goal!

Once again we see God's power as the Booster Club surpassed $28,000! The purpose of the campaign is to give a financial boost to the school. This boost provides funds to go beyond the mere necessities of the school academics. (Details)

2013 KCEA All-State Choir

Six high school students were selected to perform with the 120 voice All-State Choir sponsored by the Keystone Christian Education Association.  The group sang in a special concert held in the Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg.

2013 Grandparent's Day "Travel in Time"

A special day was dedicated for students to honor their grandparents while traveling back in time and seeing various time periods.  The time periods visited were:  pilgrim, New Testament, Pioneer, Ancient Greece, pre-colonial / native American, medieval, colonial and the 20th century.  See photos.

2013 "Challenge Day"

On August 30th, HCS held its first "Challenge Day" which provided all students to compete physically, mentally and spiritually.  The goal of challenge day was to build team spirit and to build unitity between all grade levels.  Students competed in:  frisbee golf, kickball, water balloon volleyball, 3-ball baseball, granny driving, and the Tic-Tac-Toe challenge.

2013 Spring Program "The Battle of Hanover"

"The Rebels are Coming! The Rebels are Coming!"  The importance of the "Battle of Hanover" leading up to the victory for the Union in Gettysburg came to life in front of a packed house.  April 26, 2013

HCS Bible Quizzing Team

On Thursday, March 21st the Bible Quizzing Team warms up for Saturday's competition at the KCEA competition.

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Latest News

  • Mar 22:  HCS vs HBC Bible Competition 6:00 PM
  • Mar 27:  Report Cards Sent Home
  • Mar 27 - 28: KCEA Senior High Fine Arts Festival
  • Mar 31:  "Book It" Ends
  • Apr 1:  Report Cards Due Back
  • Apr 3:  No School
  • Apr 4:  Bible Quiz Practice 5:00 PM
  • Apr 6:  No School
  • Apr 7:  Open House 7:00 PM
  • Apr 10:  Spring Program 7:00 PM
  • Apr 10-11:  KCEA Bible Quizzing Competition


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