Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff at HCS consider it a great privilege to minister in the lives of our young people. It is our prayer that you will join us in building a future generation that will trust and serve our Lord.



Miss. Jennifer Decker

1st & 2nd Grade


Bachelor of Science from Pensacola Christian College

Major: Elementary Education

Minor: Missions

Teaching Experience:  13 yrs

Other Experience:  Landscaping, Produce, Daycare

Hobbies:  Reading, Sewing, Cooking, Chickens, Sudoku

Favorite Verse:  Psalm 91:4

Mrs. Kathie Watts



Bachelor of Science from Baptist College of America

Major:  Elementary Education

2 Years Music Ed. Major at Duquesne Univ. of Pittsburgh


Teaching Experience:   23 yrs

Other Teaching Experience:  24 yrs of private flute lessons

Hobbies: scrapbooking, reading, flute and visiting grandchildren

Favorite Verse:  Mat 6:33

Mr. John Watts

5th & 6th Grade


Duquesne University

Major:  Music Education


Teaching Experience: 


Favorite Verse: 

Miss Laura Stahler

3rd and 4th Grade


Bachelor of Science from BJU

Major:  Elementary Education


Certifications:  KCEA Teacher Certified

Teaching Experience:  23 Years

Hobbies:  Reading, Hiking, Camping, Sports, Antiques and Shopping

Favorite Verse:  Jeremiah 29:11, 13


Miss Joanna Davis



Bachelor of Science from BBC

Major:  Secondary English


In Progress:  Master of Education from BBC

Certifications:  KCEA Teacher Certified, PA Department of Education - Secondary English

Teaching Experience:  7 Years

Hobbies:  Reading, Crocheting, Crossword Puzzles & Learning New Things

Favorite Verse:  1 Thess. 5:24

Pastor Walter Fordyce

Principal, History, Bible 9 & 10


Bachelor of Science from Liberty University

Major:  Youth Ministries


Master of Science from Ohio Bible College

Major:  Christian Education

Certifications:  KCEA Teacher Certified

Administration Experience:  34 Years

Favorite Verse:  Psalm 143:10

Pastor Joshua Franklin

Bible 11 & 12, HS Chapel


Bachelor of Arts from BJU

Major:  Bible

Minor:  Music


Master of Arts from BJU

Major:  Pastoral Studies


Master of Science from BJU

Major:  Personnel Services

Teaching Experience:  12 Years

Hobbies:  Playing Sports, Spending time with my children

Favorite Verse:  1 Cor. 8:3

Pastor Allen Harris

Elem. Chapel, Math 7th


Bachelor of Arts from BJU

Major:  Bible


Master of Ministry from BJU


Doctor of Divinity from SIBBC

Certifications:  KCEA Board Member (2006 - Present)

Favorite Verse:  Phil. 4:8

Mr. Paul Kirby

Art 7th & 8th



Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Harford Community College

University of Md. Correspondence (Overseas School)

York College of Pennsylvania

Artists Internships: George Clark, Mary Todd Beam, Pat Dews, Jan Sitts, Robert Burridge

Teaching Experience:  Private Tutor for Artists and Students

Hobbies: Baseball, Football, Bowling, Painting, Fishing, Reading, Traveling, Being with grandchildren and my wife Catherine

Favorite Verse:  Rev. 2:29

Mrs. Linda Layton

Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, Math 6, Geometry, Speech


Bachelor of Science from BJU

Major:  Biology


Certifications: PA Private School Certification in Biology, Social Studies, General Science; Ohio State - Biology; ACSI & AACS & KCEA for Science, History, Bible

Teaching Experience:  34 Years

Hobbies:  Crafts, Sewing

Favorite Verse:  Jn 10:14

Other:  Missiontrips to Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico; Workshop leader at teacher conventions KCEA, MACS, & Garden State Assoc. Christian School; Guidance Counselor; Tutor at Huntingdon Learning Center

Mrs. Susan Risser

Earth Science, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Music, Piano, Clothing Construction


Bachelor of Science from Tennessee Temple University

Major:  Secondary Education

Proficiency:  Mathematics

Minor:  Bible and Music/Piano


Master of Arts from Pensacola Christian College

Major:  Sacred Music


Certifications:  KCEA Professional 3

Teaching Experience:  15 Years

Hobbies:  Sewing, tatting,crochet, embroidery, jewelry construction

Favorite Verse:  Joshua 1:8

Support Staff

Mrs. Jean Marie Hagerman



Teaching Experience:  15 Years

Hobbies:  Needlework, Various Crafts

Favorite Verses: Ps. 27:1, Ps. 139

Mrs. Karen Harris

Elementary Secretary & Supervisor, Substitute Teacher


Bachelor of Science from BJU

Major:  Elementary Education

Teaching Experience:  37 Years

Hobbies:  Reading, Crocheting,Needlepoint

Favorite Verse:  1 Thess. 2:4

Other: Pastor's wife, Mother of 4, Grandmother of 5, Interpreter for the deaf at church.

Mrs. Donna Joseph

Secretary / Piano


Military:  Food Service Specialist

Military:  Administrative Assistant

Medical Assistant Training:  Bryon Schools

Teaching Experience:  Piano Teacher, homeschooling, children's Sunday school

Hobbies:  Piano, digital scrapbooking, traveling, journaling, collecting seashells, antiques

Favorite Verse:  Jer. 33:3

Other:  Enjoy ministering as a caregiver.

Mrs. Nancy McCarty

Piano, Substitute Teacher


R.N. from McMillan Hospital School of Nursing


Bachelor of Science from Appalachian Bible College

Major:  Christian Education & Bible

Teaching Experience:  43 Years

Hobbies:  Sewing, reading, piano

Favorite Verse:  1 Sam. 12:24

Mr. Dan Sager

Physical Education 1-12


Bachelor of Science from University of Alaska

Major:  Business Administration

Teaching Experience:  22 Years

Hobbies:  sports - softball & tennis

Favorite Verse:  Phil. 4:8

Ms. Evelyn Sites

Nurse, Librarian


LPN from Hanover Program

BSN / RN from York College

Certifications:  Certified CPR Instructor, Certified MR Nurse Specialists

Experience:  6 Years

Hobbies:  Reading, sewing, scrapbooking, cooking, writing and working with children

Favorite Verse:  Phil. 4:13

Other:  Volunteering at HCS is the most rewarding job I have ever done.



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2014 Spring Program "The Battle For Truth"

The students of HCS performed "The Sharpest Blade", "Give of Your Best to the Master", "Fraction-Decimal Equivalents", "Readers Are Leaders", "We Are More Than Conquerors", "Singing My Best", "We Are Fine Musicians" and "The Armor of God". The Speech students presented "Why a Christian School?" and "Personal Discipline". (Click here for photos)

2013/14 Booster Club surpasses its goal!

Once again we see God's power as the Booster Club surpassed $28,000! The purpose of the campaign is to give a financial boost to the school. This boost provides funds to go beyond the mere necessities of the school academics. (Details)

2013 KCEA All-State Choir

Six high school students were selected to perform with the 120 voice All-State Choir sponsored by the Keystone Christian Education Association.  The group sang in a special concert held in the Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg.

2013 Grandparent's Day "Travel in Time"

A special day was dedicated for students to honor their grandparents while traveling back in time and seeing various time periods.  The time periods visited were:  pilgrim, New Testament, Pioneer, Ancient Greece, pre-colonial / native American, medieval, colonial and the 20th century.  See photos.

2013 "Challenge Day"

On August 30th, HCS held its first "Challenge Day" which provided all students to compete physically, mentally and spiritually.  The goal of challenge day was to build team spirit and to build unitity between all grade levels.  Students competed in:  frisbee golf, kickball, water balloon volleyball, 3-ball baseball, granny driving, and the Tic-Tac-Toe challenge.

2013 Spring Program "The Battle of Hanover"

"The Rebels are Coming! The Rebels are Coming!"  The importance of the "Battle of Hanover" leading up to the victory for the Union in Gettysburg came to life in front of a packed house.  April 26, 2013

HCS Bible Quizzing Team

On Thursday, March 21st the Bible Quizzing Team warms up for Saturday's competition at the KCEA competition.

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Latest News

  • Mar 22:  HCS vs HBC Bible Competition 6:00 PM
  • Mar 27:  Report Cards Sent Home
  • Mar 27 - 28: KCEA Senior High Fine Arts Festival
  • Mar 31:  "Book It" Ends
  • Apr 1:  Report Cards Due Back
  • Apr 3:  No School
  • Apr 4:  Bible Quiz Practice 5:00 PM
  • Apr 6:  No School
  • Apr 7:  Open House 7:00 PM
  • Apr 10:  Spring Program 7:00 PM
  • Apr 10-11:  KCEA Bible Quizzing Competition


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